Instantaneous payday loan

Sometimes it has to be fast. This applies to all areas of life, including payday loans. Almost everything can be financed with a payday loan. Most consumers want to know quickly whether the desired payday loan is also available to them. That is why most people prefer a payday loan with instant confirmation.

Fulfill wishes quickly

No one is prepared to wait long for the fulfillment of the wishes. Some dream of a new car, the others of a world trip, a new furniture or even the purchase of a property. All these dreams can be fulfilled with an instant payday loan. How fast the money is in the account, depends on the choice of the bank.

If it’s in a hurry, many people seeking credit go directly to their house bank. This is the fastest way to get the payday loan amount. If the bank consultant has approved a payday loan with immediate approval, the payment will be made promptly. For every customer, there is the ideal funding. The terms are free and can be adjusted to the income.

If you are not in such a hurry, take a look at the offers of the online financial institutions. These offer payday loans with much better terms, which one can not expect at branch banks. Again and again, unexpected expense of paying the installment puts the borrower facing a tough task. Online banks advertise with grace periods. Borrowers are allowed to suspend the rate once a year. That does not cost a cent more.

Only a provisional commitment

Anyone who applies for a payday loan online with immediate approval, will receive a provisional commitment, as far as the Schufa query is positive. A binding payday loan commitment will only be made after the bank has checked the necessary documents. As a rule, the payment of an online payday loan takes around seven days. A lightning payday loan is faster, but it costs more interest.

A word about the processing fees for the payday loan

Under new jurisdiction, banks are no longer allowed to charge processing fees for an instant payday loan. So far, customers have been able to recover these fees from their bank. When searching for a bank, customers should make sure that the bank no longer charges any processing fees.

Special payments

Some companies and public services are still paying holiday and Christmas bonuses. Many consumers use these special payments to pay off a payday loan faster. Again, caution is advised, as there are still banks that charge compensation for the lost interest. A bank is only as good as its terms. Many banks, especially online banks, have long waived these fees. This gives them a major advantage over the branch banks.


With a payday loan you are financially independent, even if you have to pay monthly installments. Whoever puts the money into a savings book instead, has to give up the fulfillment of his dreams for a long time. Why not speed things up? With a salary or salary there is still money left to repay a payday loan. The banks make it easy for the borrowers, because they can freely decide the amount of the installments. This is better than saving, especially as there are hardly any interest rates left.

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