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The blood-lines of the animals of the Manuel Heleno Stud go back over more than a century and all of the females have the same common ancestor, the Arabian Arabka, which was born in the desert more than a century ago ! This exceptional fact is extremely important because it provides the stud with great genetic value and creates a rare homogeneity in the lineage, ensuring a continuity that is impossible to obtain when there are dams of different lines. 




 The Pure Arabs stallions that have served the mares of the stud trace their lines to famous names in horse-breeding, the fabulous champions, Scanderich, Messaoud, Wan Dick, Skowronek (the “Horse of the Century”), Bagdad, Wielki Szlem, Witraz, Barquillo, Comet, Negatiw, Probat, Monogramm, Ganges, etc.


The stallion Ohxul Ben Biarritz, three times Champion of Europe

The stallion Ohxul Ben Biarritz will never be forgotten. He was by Xélio out of Bahjahyam, an international star for a long period but died very young. He was three times Champion of Europe, twice fifth in the World Championships and twice National Champion in Portugal. 

Champion of Europe Ohxul Ben Biarritz (piaffer)

He was a versatile horse, triumphing in Dressage, (Champion of the Dressage Category and Best Horse in Portugal in 1986 at international level and second in the 1981 Paris Grand Prix (all of which were open to all breeds). In breeding shows he was a champion and gold medallist, with the largest points score of all breeds in the Lisbon National Competition). 


The stallion Diniz Met Biarritz (Pure Arab),
4 titles of National Champion of Portugal and Elite Champion (Show)
"Taças de Portugal" Winner and Criterium Champion (Dressage)
Diniz Met Biarritz is the father of 2 National Champions

The stallion most used was the twice gold medal winner, twice National Champion of Portugal and Elite Champion, Diniz Met Biarritz. The notable functional qualities of this horse enabled him to be National reserve-champion in Portugal in Dressage for five-year-olds (level E), Champion Category and winner of the Portugal Cup as a six-year old (level M), and reserve-champion in the Portugal Cup as a seven-year-old (level S). All of these were competitions open to all breeds. By Badr Bedour (the main stallion in Poland from 1962 to 1967, the year in which he was bought by the French state), out of Qkyjahlla Ibn Biarritz (granddaughter of the Champion of Champions of all breeds in Mexico, Cejuba El Berana). The grandfather of Diniz was the world famous Comet, sire of a host of champions in the USA and all over the world. 
Diniz Met Biarritz  recently bought by the Portuguese National Stud.

 From 2003, Sahara Din Biarritz (see page Sahara Din Biarritz),served the Arabian dams.  This beautiful national champion is a son of the champion Diniz Met Biarritz. His mother, Araby Ibn Biarritz, Champion of Portugal, is one of the stud’s best mares. In France he won breeding show competitions when one, two, three and four years old; in Portugal he was champion and gold medal winner in the Lisbon National Competition.  Araby’s sire was Flipper, a notable stallion from the French National Stud, one of the three best sires of threeday event winners in that country. The blood-line of Sahara includes Verágua, Crabbet and Comet lines. In this horse we find the head of the dynasty, Ofir, three times, and the Scanderich, Ibrahim, Wan Dyck, Skowronek, Bagdad, Tripolys and Barquillo dynasties several times. 


The young Pure Arab stallion Sahara Din Biarritz,
4 years old, National Champion


The young stallion Fryderyk (Biarritz), Pure Arab
imported from Poland, winner in races, and
2005 and 2007 National Champion Senior


 In 2004, the four-year-old stallion, Fryderyk, was acquired in Poland. This stallion brings together some of the best qualities of the most famous and athletic horses at Michalow, the Polish State Stud. 
His paternal blood-line is that of Kuhailan Haifi (born in the desert in 1923) and his maternal blood-line is that of Ukrainka (born in the desert in 1815).
Fryderyk is by Ganges, the 1995 Polish National Reserve Junior Champion, the 1996 Polish National Stallion Champion, Nations Cup Reserve Champion, Aachen (Germany), the 2002 Great Britain International Champion Stallion, Blommerod and the 2003 US National Reserve Champion Stallion.

His mother is Fortíssima, a beautiful black mare who was the 1994 Polish National Junior Champion and Polish National Champion Mare.

The grandfather of Fryderyk is Monogramm, the 1982 US Junior National Champion and National US Top Ten Champion, father of the greatest number of mares of the Michalow Stud (36). The following fillies were sold at a Polish auction in 2004: Palestyna, for EUR 300,000, Ekscella for EUR 120,000 and Eskalopka for EUR 140,000, making them 3 of the 4 most expensive horses ever auctioned.
The maternal grandmother of Fryderyk was Fanaberia, one of the finest and most beautiful fillies of Probat, Polish Junior National Champion, 1983 European and World Champion, 1990 Polish National Champion Stallion, father of Piruet, the 1983 Champion of France, triple European Champion and double World Champion.  Fryderyk won several races in 2003 as a three-year-old, following the footsteps of his renowned ancestors, who were both extremely handsome and highly functional.


Our sport bloodlines speak for themselves. The stallions used in the stud, have in their bloodlines the pillars of horse breeding such as Monceau, Sicambre, Exbury, Herbager, Nearco, Court Martial, Tornado, Domspatz, etc., and also the 5 chief thoroughbred lines found in the Selle Francais (Orange Peel, Furioso, Ultimate, Fra Diavolo and Rantzau). 

The stallion Faust Biarritz (Selle Français),
unbeaten, 3 titles of National Champion
(Dressage and Show)

The main sports stallion of this stud is the amazing Faust Biarritz - Selle Francais - (see page Faust Biarritz ), who has in his bloodlines Mexico, Nankin (father of various olympic horses), Furioso (11 olympic offspring), Ibrahim (father of Almee, Cor de Chasse, etc.), Uriel (for many years the father of the greatest number of winning stallions in France), etc...

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From 2005, our main stallion is the "Selle Français"  Eddy d'Amour, a fantastic offspring of  Rosire, an olympic horse who was the best stallion in the French National Studs for several years. Eddy d'Amour joins in his blood all the best lines of France. With our mares, his descendants are simply wonderful.



Eddy d'Amour, a fantastic offspring of  Rosire



Eddy d'Amour

  - Rosire

  - Uriel  --> Nankin, Fra Diavolo, Plein d'Espoirs

   - Eolienne  --> Prince du Cy, Furioso

  - Sara d'Amour

  - Matador du Bois  --> Quastor, Ibrahim, Quirinal

  - Source d'Amour  --> Orange Peel,  Herquemoulin, Jus de Pomme



 Rosire, an olympic horse who was the best
stallion in the French National Studs for several years


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