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 1977 -  In Biarritz, Fili Biarritz, passage (M. Heleno)

More than half a century of history !

1980 - The "piruette" of the European Champion
Ohxul Ben Biarritz
- ridden by M. Heleno -


1975 - Pelops Biarritz (half-pass)
- ridden by M. Heleno -


1979 - Qkarahl Biarritz at 5 years old
(44 consecutive victories in dressage !)

 - ridden by  M. Heleno Junior -

1959 - Conte Amour
consecutive victories)
 - ridden by  M. Heleno  -

Who is Dr. Manuel H. D. Heleno ?
A diplomat, a businessman, a rider and a breeder. With regard to horses, Manuel Heleno is the president of several  international or national organizations, some of which he created like the Associação Portuguesa do Cavalo Árabe, the Associação Portuguesa do Cavalo Anglo-árabe, the Organização Mundial do Cavalo Árabe Montado ou Atrelado, the El Rey Clube D. Duarte I, etc. Member of the Executive Committee of the "Conference International de l'Anglo-arabe", first  Chaiman of the ECAHO Sport Commission  and  Member of the Executive Committee of the Associação Portuguesa do Cavalo "Selle Français", etc. The author  and President of the Arabian Stud-Book, and author of " The Arabian Horse in Portugal", he wrote many pieces in magazines of different countries. As an international judge, he was asked to judge European and World Championships in Paris. He represented Portugal in several Conferences, in all  the world. As a rider, he won over 200 national and international competitions. As a breeder, the results of his  Stud are self evident." (out of a magazine)



The Manuel Heleno Stud 

The Coudelaria M. Heleno - Haras Biarritz comes from the famous Stud of Guilherme Correia Gyão, rescued from the revolution of April 1975 for being exported to Spain a little time before.

In 1977 the stud moved to France and on the 24th March 1978, was founded and registered there as "Société Civile Haras Biarritz". In June of 1982, all the horses returned to Portugal and are now permanently based there.

The pure Arab horses of the Gyão Stud were without doubt some of the best in the world. In these horses you could trace back to the two best studs of this time: the Duque de Veragua Stud (descendant of Christopher Columbus) and the Crabbet Park Stud (founded by Lady Blunt, grand-daughter of Lord Byron). Gyaõ Stud had also magnificent stallions from the Coudelaria Nacional (Portuguese National Stud), whose selection has been known as one of the hardest ever carried out ( see " Portuguese Arabian " ).

It was the outstanding quality of these horses which made the current owner decide to buy the Arabian mares.

Because we knew that the Pure Blood Arabian is the foundation of nearly all breeds (like the thoroughbred for example), and also an improver of all the others, we crossed the Arabian mares with exceptional Selle Français and thoroughbred stallions (see bloodlines), resulting in a competition record which exceeded all expectations, which you can see from our  results .

Over the many decades that the Manuel Heleno Stud - Haras Biarritz - has existed, the rigorous selection process followed during all these years, the initial excellent quality of the Pure Arab mares and the selection of notable Selle Français and thoroughbred stallions, are the principal secrets behind the outstanding quality obtained.


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