5 minutes to the Payday loan

A loan does not always have to mean a large loan amount. Sometimes even small sums are missing to pay an invoice or transfer the taxes to the tax office. But who stands with negative remarks , gets no more small loan. But where do those affected then take a small loan ?

What is a payday loan?

Small loans or payday loans are characterized by their low loan amount. The starts with mini-loans at 300 € and usually ends at 600 €. From this sum, the small loans begin. Not every bank assigns loans with such small amounts. For most banks, these start at 1,000 euros. In the search for a small loan loan calculator are helpful. They find banks that offer loans with low sums within seconds.

Despite the small amounts, the is also checked here. Although the banks see fewer risks in the case of low maturities, they do not abandon the question of creditworthiness. With a bad balance of payments, however, a payday loan rather than a small loan can be approved. The maximum duration is two months.

Payday loan

A real payday loan is also available . This is the formerly Swiss loan that has existed for decades. Only the country from which these loans come has changed. Due to new legal provisions, this small loan is now awarded by a bank. The loan amount is 3,500 euros. In some cases, sums of 5,000 euros are awarded under certain conditions.

The bank welcomes working people who have been in paid employment for more than one year. A termination of the job may not be due. Pensioners and the self-employed are unfortunately not among the group of people who can hope for a small loan . This loan can be requested directly from the bank in via their internet portal or through intermediaries.

Credit in which advance payment is required

Sometimes one relies on a mediator for a loan. Most of them do their best to help customers. Unfortunately, there are also windy wheelers. Here the need of the people is taken advantage of and advance payment required. People fall for it and experience a nasty surprise. A credit agreement does not even come about. Prepayment is a deceptive sign of such machinations. Also dubious is the offer of insurance or the announcement of a representative visit.

Agents work on a commission basis. Of course, you are entitled to a commission on a loan, which is borne by the customer. It is added to the loan amount, which of course makes the loan a bit more expensive. But those who no longer get credit in Germany are glad to be creditworthy abroad.

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